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We have a vision to help young children learn. We believe in fun. We believe in connecting lives 

We host an annual walkathon and treasure hunt built on the core idea of supporting underprivileged individuals through learning.

In 2020, we raised funds to support children's English learning throughout 2021 at the House of Blue Hope, The Marzia Golden Manor, and Kind Heart Africa.

English Literacy Classes


Uhuru Walk 7


What is Uhuru Walk?

How do we work towards our cause?

Uhuru Walk's Community Service Program facilitates support for 3 orphanages - House of Blue Hope, Marzia Golden Manor and Kind Heart Africa. Our present initiative is towards inculcating English literacy and fluency in the children from these homes via weekly classes run by volunteering teachers. Our areas of focus include improving spoken and written English, in order to bridge the literacy gap and break the cycle of poverty.

Why is it called 'Uhuru Walk'?

Uhuru is a Swahili word (from the Arabic root Hurr), meaning Freedom. Our goal and aspiration is to pass the essential tools of learning to these young children so that their foundation is strong as they progress through higher levels of learning, leading to a more aware, more knowledgeable and more skillful nation in the future.

What is the annual Uhuru Walk event?

Uhuru Walk's annual event is home to 700-1000 participants, featuring a walkathon, treasure hunt and cycling event. Uhuru Walk 6 was held on 13th December 2021, beginning and ending at Masaki Sports Park.


The people behind our annual event and community service programs


Why participants love Uhuru Walk

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