As our main sponsor, this is what Travelport Tanzania has to say about us

Childhood is a time of innocence and joy, unfortunately there is a growing, unrecognized menace that robs children and their families of this special moment in their lives. Childhood sicknesses deprive of hope and dreams from our children and cases of diseases like cancer are increasing year after year.  We have learnt that 80% of these children are from low and middle-income families. Health services are often inaccessible, unaffordable and too expensive.

TP Services Limited also known as Travelport Tanzania believes that every child with any sicknesses like cancer has a right to quality education no matter the status of the family and that all sick and underprivileged children deserve a better education as their counterparts do and should not go through this journey alone. We have decided to walk with them, thus the Travelport Uhuru Walk 4 is happening on 25th February 2018

We have decided to sponsor the Uhuru Walk 4 strongly believing in childhood dreams and that they do shape our children to be whatever they wish to be in their lifetime. We support the Uhuru Walk as portion of our programme in giving back to the community, which we are serving. We all know what impact would be brought about when those who are sick and underprivileged are uplifted through an event like this to get the funds. We understand that those who are sick would get better treatment, those who cannot afford education to get better education and ultimately, a positive and forward progress of our society.

As Travelport Tanzania, we believe in giving by and this an just one of the many avenues we want to give back to our society in Tanzania and uplift the socio-economic of out country.


Sarfarazali Chagani
Country Manager – Tanzania