Visiting Kind Heart Africa Orphanage – the third beneficiary of the Uhuru Walk initiative

In the earnest effort to expand our reach to as many underprivileged children across Dar-es-Salaam, our team visited Kind Heart Africa Orphanage in Chanika. Along with an introduction to the children, our team was also able to discuss the educational opportunities currently available to the orphans. Despite being in Grade 4 classes, we discovered that many of the students had very limited knowledge on how to write and read e lementary level language.

Given the age range of the kids at Kind Heart Africa Orphanage, we were startled to learn that many of the orphans who completed secondary education at public schools while in the orphanage’s care were unable to find work. Unfortunately, for some of them, their years of education were futile in the face of their poverty.

As such, we believed that Uhuru Walk’s core mission to facilitate Early Childhood Education to underprivileged children would resonate profoundly at Kind Heart Africa Orphanage. As of this date, they are the third orphanage that we support.

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