Uhuru Walk Community Service
How do you benefit by supporting Uhuru Walk?

How do you benefit by supporting Uhuru Walk?

In the fold of Uhuru Walk’s family, organizers, volunteers, and sponsors each enjoy the intrinsic contentment of being a part of something larger than themselves. In the process, long-lasting bonds of inter-reliability, trust, and enthusiasm are cultivated between our teams, acting as an avenue to meet new people, network and create friendships.

  • Organizers receive certificates and recommendation letters, and after a friendly year-long contest between organizers, the top 3 also take home Best Organizer awards.
  • Likewise, volunteers are granted certificates based on the level of achievement they have dedicated themselves to work towards.
  • Sponsors are offered abundant marketing and publicity benefits and free passes to the events based on the sponsorship package their contribution falls into. Marketing and publicity benefits range from website publicity, email marketing to East Africa’s largest database, social media advertising and many more. At Uhuru Walk, we are driven to forming long-lasting connections with each of our invaluable sponsors, knowing them and their strategies personally in order to offer them the best marketing return suited for their intended business or individual outcomes. Sponsors are kept informed of our work with the children via regularly issued progress reports. Launching in 2021, our Sponsors Teach-a-Skill project also creates opportunities for our sponsors to work first-hand with the children we support in teaching them vital life skills or career-related skills.