Uhuru Walk Community Service
Join Uhuru Walk’s Family as an Organizer, Volunteer or Sponsor

Join Uhuru Walk’s Family as an Organizer, Volunteer or Sponsor

Uhuru Walk 7 Sponsorship Target Achievement

Uhuru Walk’s family is always welcoming new members who prefer to contribute either as organizers/volunteers or sponsors who share one common goal – that of facilitating independence through education for underprivileged children. We stand by the Uhuru Walk philosophy of, “You are not alone. Because we are with you,” and pledge this to every child we work with. Joining our family fortifies our pledge and strengthens our special, strong network of talented and selfless individuals.

Joining as a volunteer requires a commitment of at least 4 months while joining as an organizer requires a commitment of approximately 1 year. Both roles play an instrumental role in bringing our projects to life through creativity and passion. To apply, complete this form or contact us through our social media pages.

Sponsors can contribute in either cash or kind. Comprising of numerous sponsorship brackets, sponsorship options range between 300,000 TShs – 10,000,000 TShs, contributed either monetarily or non-monetarily through event materials, vouchers and the like. Since sponsors are met on a case-by-case basis, we recommend that you get in touch with us through our available contacts below to discuss your contribution in support of our philosophy.