Uhuru Walk 6 will also run virtually. Sign up for our Parallel Virtual Uhuru Walk 6

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on our ability to raise critical funds for our vision as an event. While some of you may join us at our physical event in Masaki Sports Park on 13th December, we have also facilitated a parallel Virtual Walk and Treasure Hunt for the rest of you who would like to take extra precaution.

What’s a virtual walk?

Glad you asked! Simply put, a virtual walk is a symbolic, online fundraising event. Just reserve a ticket for Uhuru Walk 6, and we’ll email you with payment information. Once your ticket has been paid for, you will receive a ticket number. Then, on Sunday 13th December, wear our t-shirt and take a walk on your own or with a small group of family and friends.

By choosing to walk, you’re joining hundreds of others from across the city who have been touched by the experiences of young, disadvantaged children in orphanages and committed to helping change their lives. COVID-19 has presented a significant challenge to achieving our vision. Our fundraising events have been hard hit by the pandemic and we’re depending on supporters like you to help keep our projects moving forward at an accelerated pace.