Uhuru Walk Community Service
Dynamic team of Organizers, Sponsors & Volunteers

Dynamic team of Organizers, Sponsors & Volunteers

As an innovation-driven, multifaceted event, Uhuru Walk brings its event and projects to life through the creation of a strong network of organizers, sponsors and volunteers. In the fold of Uhuru Walk’s family, each enjoys the intrinsic contentment of being a part of something larger than themselves. In the process, long-lasting bonds of inter-reliability, trust, and enthusiasm are cultivated between our teams, acting as an avenue to meet new people, network and create friendships.

Each year, a team of key individuals are hand-picked as organizers to bring their unique talents and experiences to our philosophy. Working together under accomplished trainer and Uhuru Walk founder Mohamedarif Suleman, and team leaders Saleha and Sarah Suleman, organizer roles span numerous dimensions of the event; ranging from fundraising, marketing, event coordination and more. During the year of preparation, they are each scored on their performance in an exciting contest for the top 3 organizers in the committee, who take home awards and tokens of appreciation for their significant contribution in the creation of an event that brings together thousands for fun and sharing of opportunities to the less fortunate.

Sponsors are key role-players for Uhuru Walk, without whom our ability to fulfil our philosophy would not be possible. Businesses and individuals wholeheartedly contribute either funds or materials towards our event and projects. Sponsors are offered abundant marketing and publicity benefits and free passes to the events based on the sponsorship package their contribution falls into. Marketing and publicity benefits range from website publicity, email marketing to East Africa’s largest database, social media advertising and many more.  At Uhuru Walk, we are driven to forming long-lasting connections with each of our invaluable sponsors, knowing them and their strategies personally in order to offer them the best marketing return suited for their intended business or individual outcomes. Launching in 2021, our Sponsors Teach-a-Skill project also creates opportunities for our sponsors to work first-hand with the children we support in teaching them vital life skills or career-related skills.

Uhuru Walk volunteers are the arms of our work, who engage committedly in long-term projects and campaigns facilitated by the Uhuru Walk event. Presently, our weekly English Literacy Classes are prepared and run by a diverse committee of Volunteering Teachers (VT’s). During their time with us, they receive rigorous and practical training in delivering Early Childhood Education from Gulbanu Suleman at Meadows Academy, particularly to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and are awarded certificates. This exposes them to a range of future volunteering and career opportunities in the field of community service and education.